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By JasonAAllen (registered) - website | Posted September 04, 2012 at 13:15:33

Chair and Members of the General Issues Committee I am writing to express my unqualified support for the idea of two way street conversion in downtown Hamilton. As councillor McHattie's motion states, the vast majority of these streets are in the downtown, and for some peculiar reason we have allowed residents in the suburbs and exurbs to place a higher value on speed and efficiency, than we are allowed to place on quality of life, or indeed life itself.

The one-way expressways that cut my old neighborhood of Strathcona in half, and leave me tightrope walking my way down a ribbon of sidewalk on King/Main on the way to the GO bus are not only strangling activity and vibrancy on our streetscapes, but are literally killing people.

Enough is enough. The Transportation Master Plan clearly identifies this need, as does every single urban renewal expert to visit Hamilton in the last five years. The foot dragging needs to stop. We know what to do to make downtown Hamilton a vibrant and safe place again, we just need to shut out the ill-informed protests of those who would never, ever agree to have the same situation in their neighborhoods. We just need to do it. Now.

Please relay my wholehearted support for this motion to council.

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