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By theOther (registered) | Posted August 26, 2012 at 13:50:29 in reply to Comment 80018

One of the home truths in our business is that it almost never ends well when we hang the family laundry out in public. Would that I had not risen to your bait, but I did so I'll say my piece then check out. If you were personally insulted by my remark about your contracting, that's on you. The point is this: there are many sound premises from which to challenge the use of well-paid part-time workers, most with which I can agree. But when you boast about your private contracting gig while your union condemns two-hatters for potentially over-extending themselves, you've undercut your own argument. We are very effectively and well represented in Hamilton, but the hypocrisy of that argument is simply beneath us. Good on you and others for your enterprise and industry if that's what you want or need to do with your time, but keep it to yourself. Yeah, I know a little about the IAFF. They've been receiving a component of my dues for over thirty years. More importantly, I support unionism on a daily basis by voting with my feet in discretionary choices. I've also learned a little about the 'volunteer' sector, being compelled to interact with them for the past decade or so. How about you? And can we please dispense with this 'sucking and blowing' expression? The 1970's called, and they want their hackneyed rhetoric back. You will be aware that the legislation governing us (Fire Protection and Prevention Act 1997) doesn't even mandate that municipalities have a fire department. (Did I just hear A. Smith stirring in the attic?) Whatever its size and scope, the choice is left to the municipality, which here means City Council. So your argument, I'll suggest, is with your Councillor, whom you seem to have awarded a pass on this one. Everyone has a boss, including the Fire Chief. His is City Council. As to my lack of integrity: since I have registered with RTH, I'm not completely anonymous, and I don't need to justify that choice to anyone. My job is a privilege to do, and I try to enjoy and appreciate it. I also enjoy my right as a citizen to observe and comment on events in this City, and RTH is a wonderful arena for discussions like this (Thank you Ryan et al, sincerely). But I also operate in an environment where, for example, Councillors have in the past bullied, intimidated and generally menaced city staffers. One in particular springs to mind; perhaps you've made his acquaintance. I'm at a point in my career where I wouldn't have much to fear from that sort of conflict, but casual bystanders tend to get caught in the crossfire. People have enought to worry about without fallout over my personal crap. But if you have a need to vent at or chat with me personally, that could probably be arranged. Let me know. Other out.

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