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By theOther (registered) | Posted August 19, 2012 at 20:02:25 in reply to Comment 79744

Within the boundaries of my personal experience(which includes its original location on Sanford Avenue), Stn. 6 has never housed a District Chief. There was a rapid response (Chevy Suburban)unit there for some years, but it was relocated to Stn 11 in the early/mid- 90's, I believe. If you decried the relocation of a unit from Ward 3 to Ward 2 at that time, I guess I must have missed it. For the record, Stoney Creek/Winona are not suburbs of the City of Hamilton. They are (now) the City of Hamilton. As a lifelong east-ender, I empathize with your reaction to this change. Yup, our career resources are being spread considerably more thinly relative to our previous history. The Creek didn't ask to be amalgamated, and neither (to my knowledge) did the Hamilton Fire Dept. Looks like Hamilton is not immune to developments in the rest of the western world. Perhaps Toronto Fire is, I wouldn't know. I could speculate based on information provided by my buddies and acquaintances there, but that would not be fair. Although we might agree that TFD survived amalgamation somewhat more comfortably than did HFD. You seem to want to have Chief Simonds' remarks both ways: "Operational gaps" is acceptable terminology when it refers to a balance of specialized resources, but administrative-ese when you don't get the answers you require. Further to this, your implication that the appointment of "relatively new" Rob Simonds (which dates back about a year and a half now) represents a trend to hire "administrative types" over those rising up through the ranks is absolutely absent of merit. Spend five minutes speaking personally with Mr. Simonds and you know that he grew up on our side of the wall. Damn shame we didn't have a line of succession in place, but I would refer you to Simonds' predecessors, especially the last two Fire Chiefs, to answer for that deficiency. Finally, nice of you to provide a link to Scott Marks' remarks on the so-called 'two-hatters'. What kind of hat do you wear while you are 'contracting'?

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