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By realitycheck (anonymous) | Posted August 14, 2012 at 17:15:29

I would expect fire equipment to be deployed throughout the city to minimize response time across the board geographically and not be deployed based on geo-political ward boundaries. While it is true there is only one station within Ward Three, there are two other stations in its neighbouring wards that have six assigned apparatus (Stations #1 and #9).

For the sake of accuracy, it is also important to point out that Fire Station #16 is actually in Ward 11 and not Ward 10 as indicated in this article. That means that Ward 10 actually has only one station with full time staff and two apparatus assigned to it (Station #12), as well as one volunteer station with one apparatus assigned there (Station #15).

Of course, this also means that the suburban Ward 11 with 9300 dwellings and 65,000 acres of land (over ten times the land area of wards 3 and 10 combined) has two stations with seven apparatus, but no full-time firefighters - Stations #16 and #18 are both volunteer stations.

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