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By TheGlens (anonymous) | Posted June 11, 2012 at 09:02:05

Hello All,

We've lived in The Glens subdivision in North Oshawa since 1999 and absolutely love it. It's the Rossland & Stevenson area, a block south of the airport. Oshawa real estate is poised for a MAJOR, sustained boom in the near future, which puts a big smile on my face :) AVOIDGUNSHOTSINTO is the most shrewd operator here. The 407 expansion to Harmony Road, the Waterfront development, the Oshawa Airport expansion to accommodate larger aircraft (not sure if it's going through or not, but it wouldn't bother me if it did...higher real estate prices if it does, and I welcome it), the massive University, the downtown area revitalization projects and the GM Center with AMAZING acoustics for concert performances. Oshawa is one of the GTA's biggest sleeper investments, if not the biggest.

Oshawa pre-90's sucked pretty bad, yes indeed. But it has really changed, and those people to see it before the masses do will benefit the most by getting in on the ground floor. Well, *WE* got in on the ground floor in 1999, but today you're still not far from it. The elevator has been going up for several years now, but the next 10-15 years will see it launch upwards like a rocket. Oh, yes, I also agree with the excellent traffic situation. Never do I get frustrated, not even a little bit. I avoid Toronto like the plague since it's full of incompetent drivers and the congestion is just insane. Not nearly as bad as New York, but bad enough to keep me away unless business forces me there. I'm 43, self-employed. Come to Oshawa, avoid the south end and you'll be very happy.

P.S. Hamilton is generally a swamp with no chance of improvement in my lifetime. Oshawa is the exact opposite in terms of investment opportunities and, well, odor :) Ben Bull seems to be ignorant and rude, but admittedly an entertaining and talented writer. Cheers!

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