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By Gary Santucci (anonymous) | Posted May 28, 2012 at 16:22:09

Hello TNT

Thanks for kind words. I think that you are referring to the motion passed by council just prior to the election. The info can be found in the link on RTH.

However the original motion that was presented to us was quite different. It somehow morphed into the one that council actually passed. We still had to continue to defend against the original two charges of illegal use that had already been laid. The original motion is as follows;

Whereas the City has identified "healthy neighbourhoods" as a strategic priority;
And Whereas the City Manager has initiated a strategy to create healthy neighbourhoods;
And whereas the Pearl Company is universally acknowledged as a community and cultural asset, and
an innovative reuse of a heritage industrial building;
And whereas the existence of the Pearl Company operation is now threatened by bureaucratic process:
Therefore be it resolved that staff investigate the creation of a special policy to address the reuse of
heritage industrial buildings for community building projects and urban regeneration;
And that any and all actions being taken by the City against the Pearl Company with regard to zoning
matters and related costs be suspended until staff reports to Committee on the aforementioned special

Gary Santucci

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