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By anon (anonymous) | Posted May 28, 2012 at 16:07:48

Steve (anonymous) Finally, I'm glad he feels a great job was done from Winona east to the pedestrian bridge, he should now because I've heard he lives overlooking one of the marinas in that stretch. If true, too bad he didn't feel the need to invest his money and where he lives in his ward.
Malex (anonymous) Morelli lives on London Street
Malex, Steve is right. I double "Karma Hill Dog Park" (see Dollhouse reference to Mr. Morellis (SIC) achievements) dare you to ask him for government issued proof of address.

Dollhouse "It is just a smear campaign." Hmmm, and I thought one in public office earns their reputation. How about taxi-gate?

" Without Mr. Morelli things could be drastically worse." Oh really? I suppose perhaps with Genghis Khan... Attila the Hun...Stalin... Given the wealth of possibilities, you might be right. (not)

"Just because you work a high paying job for a Toronto IT department doesn't mean you have the rights to dictate how the ward should be run." Still sharpening and grinding this axe are you? Sounds like sour grapes from an underachiever.

By backpacker (anonymous) I sure hope this is someone taking the mickey and not someone who actually believes what they're writing.
Sadly backpacker, they believe it.

Gary Santucci, shame on you for clouding the issues and arguments with cold hard facts

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