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By CouldaWouldaShoulda (anonymous) | Posted May 27, 2012 at 05:25:44

Just a little visual context, all in one place:

Here's a photo album I made almost two years ago of the Barton Village BIA.

I'm not posting this as a finger-pointing gesture at Councillor Morelli. He's not 'responsible' for the demise of one of the formerly most vibrant business sections in Hamilton; this situation has some fundamental contributing factors that go beyond his participation or lack-thereof. However, what bothers me is the dearth of discussion. I'm not talking about EcDev meetings, or Chamber meetings or BIA meetings. I'm talking about the relative silence from we, the people. About how we can have a section of the city that's been left the same way that King Street East has been left fallow for decades, window-dressing and lip-service-paid notwithstanding...while we focus on peripheral development.

In the dictionary, next to the phrase 'broken record' there's a photo of me, but regardless: Unless we, the people muster our voices and demand our place at the table of governance, we're fuckled. Yes, getting 'more qualified, better blessed people' in office helps, but I'll continually go back to Ryan's admonition about the need for strong, consistent citizen participation...because, after all, I'm a broken record. : )

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