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By RenaissanceWatcher (registered) | Posted May 26, 2012 at 11:47:57

Much has happened to Ward 3 during Councillor Morelli’s 21 year stewardship:

-the growth in the number of crack cocaine houses in Ward 3

-the increase of prostitution in Ward 3. For instance, one church in Ward 3 which hosts Brownies and Girl Guide meetings also has a drop-in centre for prostitutes.

-the increase in crime

-the presence of the Hells Angels clubhouse

-the saturation of halfway houses

-the vast increase in the number of dilapidated storefronts along King, Cannon and Barton Streets

-the poor condition of the main roads

-the reduction in the number of public secondary schools in Ward 3 or near the boundary between Warde 3 and Ward 4 from three in 1991 to zero by 2014

-the increase in the number of overnight flights from John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport with flight paths over the so-called lower city including Ward 3

-the black dust that periodically rains down on the homes, cars and residents in the north end of Ward 3

-the loss of the Festival of Friends at Gage Park

-the lack of public consultation with Ivor Wynne Stadium neighbourhood residents before deciding to rebuild the stadium there, demolish Brian Timmis Field and Parkview School and convert the space into stadium parking lots, hold more concerts at the stadium, etc.

In Ward 3, the issue of walkability is more than changing one way streets into two way streets though it may be worth giving that a try. It is the ability to walk to the corner store and back home without any apprehension of being stabbed, mugged or propositioned.

Ward 3 has not received enough care and attention from its own councillor or from the rest of the City of Hamilton for decades. Perhaps it is karma that the world is coming to Ward 3 for 48 Pan Am soccer games over an eight to ten day span in 2015. People and media from across Canada and 41 other Pan Am countries will get to experience first-hand the extent to which Ward 3 has been neglected unless a great deal of restorative work is accomplished by the City of Hamilton, the Hamilton Police Service, that Hamilton Wentworth District School Board and the local business community between now and then.

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