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By ViennaCafe (registered) | Posted May 26, 2012 at 08:37:53

"The word 'intensification' is like the word 'cancer' - we tend to categorize them all together when they're not all the same. You've got to dig a little bit deeper, but unfortunately we give one word to everything."

There is a good cancer? Or is the implication that while all intensification is necessarily bad, it isn't necessarily fatal?

Doctor: "I think you should have a seat."

City: "Why? What is it?"

Doctor: "I'm afraid it's very serious."

City: "Tell me, Doc. I can take it."

Doctor: "I'm afraid you have an advanced stage of ... intensification."


Doctor: "Many cities survive these things, today. Some arterial rebuilds and widenings. Another regional shopping centre or two. Incentives for greenfield development ... it doesn't have to be fatal."


Doctor: "Can I get you anything? Would you like me to call someone?

City: "I'm going to fight this. Do you remember the golden miles? Boy, those were the days. Know what would be nice? A new strip with big box stores, fast food joints, and nondescript strip malls stretching for miles and surrounded by warrens of subdivisions with nothing but snout houses. That's what I need."

Doctor: "That's the spirit. And it's not all bad news. The school board plans to close most inner-city schools so you already have a good start towards beating intensification."

City: "Thanks, Doc. So when do we start the zoning changes?"

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