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By Gary Santucci (anonymous) | Posted May 26, 2012 at 08:24:53

Ramblings on the ramblings of Councilor Morelli

Talking about opposition to two-way conversion, Morelli noted, "Way back when I was approached about the Barton Street islands, the only people who quote-unquote 'bitched' about that were people trying to rush home to Ancaster to their estates. There was quite a bit of fear initially."

Let's continue with the failed vision!

Morelli said the biggest concerns he hears from his constituents continue to be dealing with the negative impacts of prostitution and crime, speeding automobile traffic, and absentee landlords allowing too many people to live in unmaintained buildings.

Let's continue with the failed vision!

"People have been killed at Sanford and Main, and you've got the turnoff at Wentworth on Delaware to Sanford. With consideration of the change in traffic flows and the intensity of traffic flows, a return to two-ways can occur."

Let's continue with the failed vision!

"The word 'intensification' is like the word 'cancer' - we tend to categorize them all together when they're not all the same. You've got to dig a little bit deeper, but unfortunately we give one word to everything."

Let's continue with the same failed vision!

Policing is also a challenge. "Take the area from Gage to Ottawa and Lawrence to Main. Just to cover that area [with police coverage] would be very costly but we've got to find ways to cope with those issues."

What about Gage to Wellington and Main to Barton? I guess he forgot.

Well anyway I just made an appointment with my doctor to get checked out for "intensification" , however I am relieved that he supports bikes, two ways and transit. I am also encouraged to learn from Mr. Morelli that "these new transit passes, people are learning how to use them."

Mr Morelli also states "Our biggest problem is image, and the major place where people see our image is when you come over the east end of the [Burlington Skyway] bridge. Why aren't we doing something down there? That's one of my war cries around the table."

Finally, maybe the Councillor for ward 3 could wage a little war in the ward he represents not in the ward where he lives.

Gary Santucci

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