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By lakeside (registered) | Posted May 25, 2012 at 23:27:31

Things _are_ happening in the east harbour.

LaFarge's slag piles have been moved to, I believe, pier 22, thus removing the drive-by 'moonscape' at the very end of the harbour, beside the QEW.

The construction of Windermere Basin Park continues where the old sediment basin for the Red Hill Creek has been capped with clean fill and is being turned into a naturalized area. Some of the latest work involves a link connecting the park with existing bicycle lanes and the new bridge over the QEW.

Across the new channel from there is more filling and grading of the land. It looks like more park space is being created there too, but it may be just for gazing at and to create a buffer to the adjacent heavy industry.

Then there's the pedestrian and cycle bridge itself, connecting East Hamilton to the waterfront at Confederation Park, including the Breezeway Trail, for the first time in several decades.

Not as appetite-inducing as the two new restaurants in the former Discovery Centre at Pier 8 but there's definitely change occurring in the east harbour.

Soon we will have bookends.

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