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By Steve (registered) | Posted May 25, 2012 at 18:23:00

Sorry, but I for one don't buy it.

A smaller car?? In February I saw him driving a new big Cadillac, a different colour one than what I remember him driving before, but still a new big-ass Cadillac. I wouldn't be surprised if the biggest Cadillac you can buy today is smaller than the biggest one you could buy a few years ago. Ta da, a smaller car. Still the biggest in the Caddy line, but smaller than before and no lying needed.

Ryan, I hope you will share the which bike lane construction projects he was talking about because I'm wracking my brain trying to think of one besides Lawrence south of Gage Park which is years old. Are there others being constructed? If so, where?

Two way conversion, please read between the lines "industrial economy". Talk of north - south streets, like 200m of Wentworth. Don't get your hopes up he will support conversion of Cannon, Wilson, King or Main. He's talking north - south streets, which I agree are an important to convert, but hardly city rejuvenating. Ta da, he tells the audience what they want to hear, but not really what they want. Well, he's a really good magician.

Finally, I'm glad he feels a great job was done from Winona east to the pedestrian bridge, he should now because I've heard he lives overlooking one of the marinas in that stretch. If true, too bad he didn't feel the need to invest his money and where he lives in his ward.

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