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By JPTO (anonymous) | Posted May 17, 2012 at 18:45:01

The parking lots have been bought up for development at the same rate as the rest of downtown. There are still many left because there were a lot of parking lots by the end of the 80's. (see here:

Condo developers often skip street facing retail as it is less profitable than more residential space.

The warehouses can't really be re-purposed for street retail. First I should have said factories, not warehouses. These are 60-100 year old buildings where the first level is 7 feet above the street. These have almost all been converted into offices or clubs. They don't work as retail spaces.

To summarize, all I'm saying is to not fall into the trap that Giambrone did of laying blanket statements that urban decay is caused entirely by one-way streets. There are often far greater factors when you investigate. There are legitimate reasons to have one-way streets and Richmond and Adelaide are one of those. The reasons these streets fail is not because they are one-way. There are successful and enjoyable one-way street all over the world.

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