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By DavidColacci (registered) | Posted April 08, 2012 at 21:12:57 in reply to Comment 75779

That's what I thought too. I was under the impression that it was temporary until MAC needed the space for development. But in the EA PICs we're all talking about here, it says on page 12 that;

 Alternatives that included a wide landscaped median because it was determined by staff and stakeholders that more functional and aesthetic space could be provided along both sides of Longwood Road, especially as the existing building on the west side of Longwood Road will remain for the foreseeable future

 The existing road allowance on Longwood Road is 20m, and the Official Plan calls for an ultimate road allowance of 36m, i.e. a widening of 8m on each side: however, much of the existing warehouse building on the west side of Longwood Road will remain as a 5m encroachment onto the future road allowance for the foreseeable future; a fact that constrains some alternatives because of clearances from the existing building

Between this and the BoE debacle, I'm really beginning to wonder what road we're on here :(

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