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By JM (registered) | Posted April 05, 2012 at 08:45:52

i blame public works... and this happens all over (not just in Hamilton) planners and designers have this great vision and plan - but then engineers come along and crash the party (because they manage the actual project). all the planners have is an idea and a suggestion/recommendation...

nothing like this will EVER come to fruition unless the planning and public works department come together and discuss the ideas in the same room: and then make compromises (both sides), or god forbid come up with something creative! the same thing happened with the York Blvd streetscape. sure the new sidewalks and light standards look fantastic... but what happened to the tree lined, open market style street??? (yep, just like the stage 2 panels stated above)

wait - i should be thankful they "gave" us the bike lanes right??

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