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By Pearl Street (anonymous) | Posted March 30, 2012 at 19:14:56

Cut the man some slack, he is an incredibly driven individual who I'm sure is fed up with Hamilton's snail speed processes. Most negative commentary seems to be made by people unfamiliar with business and city processes. The nieghbour is upset about dust on his property, but I am also a nieghbour and I am glad to see progress. Lets not forget what that property has been forever; a dirt pit filled with loose fill and garbage! Don't be afraid of change - this is GOOD!

I have no affiliation with him, nor have I met him, but I see his outstanding results. Results you don't often see especially in Hamilton. Change may be uncomfortable, but its good!

Vranich I'm sure seeing larger things in this downtown 55 Queen St space than a parking lot. I am sure it is a smart business move to aid finances of owning a useless dirt pit and to later develop. Not everythign can happen at once though...

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