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By D. Shields (registered) | Posted February 11, 2012 at 17:14:15 in reply to Comment 74178

That's AWFUL, Dr. A.!! It's like some kind of commercial Curse. -??

I can't understand why this should be such a problem. Everybody eats. There is not a lot of local competition. It would seem to be an ideal situation for a small to medium sized store to open & make a tidy profit.

Why do we need to pay a Corp. to open a store & make money with little or no competition?

Hamilton seems to make a habit of doing this. (Is it possible that some of Hamilton's 'attitudes' & exercises in hoop jumping have made enterprises less than interested? If the perception is there, that you will be chasing your tail for years to get your store open...Who's going to go through that nonsense? Maybe the GHA just need to start dealing with potential investors in a straight forward way, instead of paying them to open here?)

No Frills type stores have always been more flexible in what they purchase & who/what the customer demographics are in the areas that they open stores. They are prepared to have more ethnic & specialty products available to meet the needs of their customers & really good produce at decent prices. I'm sorry to hear that a local one is such a mess. If it had some competition, it would find a reason to be a better, cleaner store.

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