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By Borrelli (registered) | Posted February 09, 2012 at 12:47:50

Adrian, refer to nobrainer's comments--they are wise.

And please, don't let the touchy topic of big-box retailing be an impediment to indulging yourself: I'm happy to debate this because there is tons of evidence to back up my position.

You should be aware that the critique of the WalMart model goes back well before 2008--the store's expansion (from 1540 US stores in 1990 to 4393 in 2010) was monumental, and the company's legendary pursuit of the lowest (prices, wages, taxes, etc.) has fundamentally reconfigured life in small and medium sized towns and cities the USA.

Since you are apparently familiar with the current retail environment, you should notice that the WalMart model has been adopted by almost every big retailer in Canada--When WalMart came to Canada in 1994, what choice did they have? It's either adapt or die.

Any new-build Canadian Tires', Loblaws', and Zellers' all follow the same big-box supercentre model: cheap, processed food, cheap throwaway clothes from S. Asia, cheap Chinese-made appliances and electronics, and all this can be paid for with a WalMart/CT/PC/HBC credit card, to boot!

So please don't hand me "entitlement" and "spillover from 2008" pile.

WalMart has fairly earned its reputation.

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