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By DowntownInHamilton (registered) | Posted February 08, 2012 at 21:38:53 in reply to Comment 73951

Who said anything about a large parking lot?

Go with me for a minute here...

Let's say that Wal-Mart moves into the City Centre. We get an anchor tenant into the building and into the core. Across the street, there's a large parkade. Let's say that WM gives you a voucher for 1 or 2 hours free parking with purchase. You've now got cheap and available goods, jobs and so on. No need for a big parking lot, we've converted the empty expanse of the City Centre, and we draw a ton more people downtown. Further to that, they may see the farmer's market and go in, grab a movie at the theatre, get a bite to eat... I'm not thinking this is so bad.

Further to your point about decent paying full-time jobs. Wal-mart pays the minimum wage as mandated by law and have plenty of full- and part-time employees. They do pay more than minimum wage if you have experience.

I'd say that the jobs run by sole-proprietors are probably the same, only (possibly) with reduced hours because they can't afford to run at the hours a big box store can.

I think people are too quick to try and stomp out large retailers due to a few boutique shops.

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