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By Ed (anonymous) | Posted February 07, 2012 at 17:35:02

Perfect spot for a 24 hour full serviced grocery store, that could be built with a parking garage, as well as fix all four sides by providing a street wall...

Would be the block of James ST S, Agusta ST, Hughson ST and Young..
It could provide the parking for the current businesses, as well as maybe offer a wine shop/wine bar on Agusta with the pubs already there..
A grand entrance on James St. certainly filling a missing tooth on that street.
I do realize that that there is an independant grocer there, but prices are high selection is terrible especially as they cater to a large senior population as did the IGA before.
This would allow spin-offs for a very under-serviced area.

I was excited to at least see an attempt to lure a much needed and beloved emporium of nurishment. If done right, this could be a wonderful thing..
I've lived in this area for a few years after returning from Toronto, and it's a nice place to be. I'm used to my urban Toronto living and walk mostly, and through this lot at least six times a day.
I do think it would bring out more street life as people in all the surrounding buildings would be using it almost daily.

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