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By D. Shields (registered) | Posted January 30, 2012 at 01:47:27 in reply to Comment 73465

Thanks for the information! It sounds like once again Hamilton did not plan things out properly before diving into compost. :D In saying "There is too much compost," do they really mean that they did not set aside an area big enough to accommodate it?

It's one thing to make a verbal commitment to an idea, but another to actually see it through & do the homework before setting it up.

Other cities give away or sell compost very cheaply to citizens several times a year, right from the site. "Bring your own containers". People line up to get the compost, & @ $5.00 or more for a medium sized bag from a plant nursery, 'free or cheap' is very welcome! ( I haven't seen any notices in the Hamilton media for this.)

Use whatever compost is needed for the City green spaces, & then allow citizens to have the rest.(It's better than dumping it in the land fill!!)

The compost should also be saving the City money in terms of City park gardens, lawns, tree planting & flower plantings in center road medians, etc.

Metro Zoo even sold 'Zoo Poo' at a profit. If the City added the horse dung from the police stables to the compost, it would probably get the composting process going more quickly, & save the taxpayers the bill of disposing of the horse manure.

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