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By D. Shields (registered) | Posted January 25, 2012 at 03:05:43

I agree 100% with Downtown Hamilton!

I can't do any illegal dumping. I have a very small car & can do very little legal the dump. I would not put my garbage in any other place except the dump or at the curbside. I think it would be better to have more frequent large item pick ups because their are some items that are well beyond their best buy date, & would not even be welcome as a donation.

I often see large heaps of furnishing left outside of apartment buildings for weeks in the rain & snow. Would it not be better for the City to pick up this material than to simply say, 'I'm sorry. You must wait 2 months for your next large item pick up, & there is a 3 item limit." This stuff is a safety hazard to kids waiting for school bus's.

(In the case of people who do not drive, how are they to get large items to the dump areas?)

However, I'd like to ask how many here live in apartments that do not have any recycling facilities?

How many work in a place that has "The Big Bin" out back, that host all manner of unsorted banana peels mixed with toxic waste? Then it is all dumped unsorted into local landfills..

How many have kids or disabled people in diapers @ home?

How many have pets?

It's pretty easy to brag about being able to have a 1 bag limit, once every 2 weeks if you don't actually have to accomplish it, or if you are 1 or 2 people living on the 8th floor, eat in restaurants frequently, & are not home that often.

One thing that I find odd in the GHA is the limit on garden waste collection. Is the area that is being used to compost this material a very small area? Is no one covering & turning it? This should work the material through into compost in a very short time, esp. during warmer months. Are the restriction on it simply because of the cost of the fuel & manpower to pick it up? I'm currently running 3 composters in my yard, & that's all I have space for, or frankly the need for. (& Some plants are simply not compostable.)

Another thing that I am questioning is why, every time this subject comes up, those people with day care & medical permits & other types of exemptions end up having their garbage left, or end up arguing with the collector about the fact that they have an exemption? It only happens once a year, when City Hall decides to give a thought to garbage. ( A sort of annoying tokenism.)

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