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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted January 15, 2012 at 06:16:31 in reply to Comment 73038

That needn't be true. Most of us already have what we need brave the cold: scarves, boots, gloves, toques, coats.

I'll say up-front that I'm in agreement as to the benefits of cycling. For commuting, for fitness, and for the contribution to a more humane city. So please don't take my comment as that of a strict contrarian.

But the average person won't do what you're suggesting for some basic much the same way that the average person won't take as much time to craft as informed a decision as to who to vote for as they do in planning their next entertainment purchase...or actually voting, period.

First off, we have an obesity pandemic underway. We have created a sedentary society rife with Type 2 Diabetes, arthritis, etc. The notion of walking to the store is anathema to them. So the leap to 'winter cycling' when 'good-weather cycling' isn't going to happen is- Well, a bit much.

Secondly, I'm a cyclist going back years. I used to be a bike mechanic. I used to commute to my various locations around the city, and even as far afield as Burlington and Erin Mills. When I lived in Collingwood, I'd cycle into work from town in all manner of inclement weather...along a rail-trail, not on the road.

Yes, we need more cyclists. Yes we need a better mix on the roads. Yes we need more transit, more options. And I'm glad there are people like you, and Undustrial out there as reference points for all.

But the reality is that it's simply too enormous a leap for a decaying population to consider cycling...especially winter cycling (which I wouldn't 'choose' to do myself, any I'm certainly hardy enough a soul)...when it won't even walk to the store.

I encourage any and all to promote cycling. I want what you want. But it's vital that we understand just how far gone we collectively are, and be mindful of those fights, because they're the more critical ones.

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