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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted December 18, 2011 at 09:46:36

I just get all warm and fuzzy when stories like these have happy endings. 2011 wasn't so bad for us either I guess, we only lost a washing machine, the refrigerator and our vacuum cleaner to the deep six but we had just enough credit left over to ensure our clothes remain fresh; Our frost free fridge only needs defrosting about once every three days while getting on our hands and knees to clean has given us more opportunity to pray to the Holy Trinity of God, the Son and Capitalism because in addition, I also lost my job back in May.

So where's the happy ending? Well, I used the time spared wisely and burned through repairs getting the house ready for a fire sale this spring. However, I am happy for the memories I had of Hamilton life especially in the reflection of our red tail lights as we head for Attawapiskat, because at a third of the way through this mess we heard from a third party that our third world needs a new chief of staff and IT should pay good money. Don't laugh, you wanna talk about a land of opportunity for trades, people, that place is a diamond in the rough and I figure I'll be able to cut-IT or my name ain't Gregory D Hough!

Happy Holidays!

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