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By Malvina (anonymous) | Posted November 30, 2011 at 08:38:16 in reply to Comment 71691

"You picked the boundaries of your zone very carefully."

I picked downtown because it's, well, downtown. "The heart of the city," as the old folks like to say.

"Not really a true indication of the city at all considering how huge it really is."

Admittedly, yes, there's far more to Hamilton than downtown, just as the outer ring suburbs are not a true indication of the city as a whole. People will live where they choose to based on their personal tatses and means.

In downtown proper (the borders of which were selected using an entirely common definition that has only recently been modified by EcDev to extend grant monies north and south along James from Liuna to St. Joe's), SFHs are relatively rare. It might even be true of Ward 2 as a whole (2005 average: 1.9 people per dwelling, the lowest in Hamilton, against a city-wide average of 2.6 per).

Those numbers make it look like family dwellings are more common above the mountain than below it. But who really knows?

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