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By RB (registered) | Posted October 25, 2011 at 12:18:55 in reply to Comment 70871

So you challenged my statements about capitalism leading to people taking advantage of each other?

And you challenged my statements of a possible system where employment could be gained by more people by NOT shipping work overseas?

And you challenged my statements of thinking that educating the public is a good way to get people to notice that the system might not the best out there?

Please show me where you challenged all these other points that I noted, since you just said that you "challenged your (my) statements made in the whole".

I cannot seem to see where that is... please point it out for me, since I'm so "uninformed" and "confused".

And you know, since I've had all these "real culprit's... whispering sweet nothings in his (my) ear for too many years", I'm having difficulty ascertaining where you "challenged" my whole statement.

Enlighten my, please.

look Kiely, I was just trying to make a comment on how sometimes things are not always as they seem and how perception plays large part in things, even though it might not always bee the truth. You managed to grab one little section from my post, which was not even the heart of the matter, and twist it into something that you can attack for some reason.

That in itself is a skill, as I tend to read a post/article in it's entirety before criticizing, but ultimately, you're quite mistaken if you think the whole of what I wrote was simply an attack on those who are protesting/sympathizing with protesters.

But then again... this is coming from someone who is quite "confused" & "misinformed", right?

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