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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted October 24, 2011 at 14:30:39

I would think with the change of plans for the Ivor Wynne district, that that would also change the plans of the location of the seniors centre. Before, Ivor Wynne was to be tore down and likely housing was to go in it's place, and subsequently a seniors centre placed on the Scott Park grounds - or something like that.

Two things bother me about this:

1 - Most of all that we talk about Scott Park as if it's our property. Somebody owns Scott Park school. The city may think they will be able to get that property back, but I think we are a better community for talking to the owner and talking about a partnership with him if we want 'it' so bad - rather than looking for a loophole or waiting for him to fail. I'll repeat myself for a moment here:

Picture entering Scott Park School (and I have never been in there so bare with me). The front doors are glass from brick to brick. You enter, to be greeted by an information desk. The room sharply decorated and almost split in half. The right side, is almost childlike in it's bright, youthful decoration. The left, historical and sports-themed. Busts, trophy cases, framed jersey's, etc.

If you enter to the right, you walk into the community centre which also accesses Jimmy Thompson Memorial Pool. It's history alone, compliments what you find upon making a left when entering the old High School.

When taking a left, you enter a joint venture between the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, and the Hamilton Sports Hall of fame which is looking for a home and has already expressed interest to locate within the new stadium - how about close to it with some pieces of HSHoF and CFHoF memorabilia within the new stadium and the main Halls, being where the CFHoF original stood - at Scott Park.

The new homes of these two HoF, in an area that hundreds of thousands of sports fans will venture to throughout the CFL season alone, could occupy 5 floors. In turn, we create more attractions for fans to check out when visiting Ivor Wynne or tailgating at Scott Park Field.

I believe the owner of the the old Scott Park High, has dreams of turning it into a community centre, with his favourite part of the building being the auditorium/stage.

Why don't all parties from the City, the Cats, the current owner, citizens, and the boards from both hall of fames, get together to talk dreams.

2 - This district planning is supposed to be run by a committee - not one councillor. What about tailgating at Scott Park? That's one of the best aspects of the whole game day experience. How much would this new facility take away from the space currently available? What are the plans for Parkview/King George? Parking? I hope not. That wouldn't fit in with the feel of the 'neighbourhood.'

But these are just some of my concerns/dreams. By not sharing plans for this seniors centre, we are making plans for a district that was supposed to engage the citizens in it's planning.

Let's be a community.

By the way, the Stadium sub-committee has only met twice and we are almost exactly 9 months removed from the approval date. We don't have long to plan this and together, we could accomplish so much more.

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