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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted October 14, 2011 at 14:56:07 in reply to Comment 70570

I agree with everything you've said. I guess my gut/knee-jerk reaction is that 'How they voted' seems as if it would be easy to use as a scorecard...except even if you had a perfect recording of all voting-

Actually, what worries me is that the information could be seen as a convenient barometer, an easy guide to 'performance'. Which seems like a questionable way to determine if someone's 'done a good job', especially if it's the only indicator being used. As I understand it, the GCL sorted out their 'core values' (forgive me if I'm getting this wrong) and then applied this to how their elected officials voted. I suppose this is one valid approach, but I'm just as interested in the subtleties, the nuances of a Councillor's term. (On the other hand, you've got groups like The Tea Party in the Republican party in the US wanting candidates to adhere to certain principles, come rain or shine. While that might be comforting to the voter/supporter, it only really works towards good governance if everyone serving adheres to these principles...because there's no place for negotiation or compromise in their credo.)

To me what matters is that Councillors reflect the desires of their constituents. Which I guess where the GCL is concerned is easy to determine, given that they've declared their values. But is it safe to say that these values are agreed-to by everyone who's not a member of the GCL?

(P.S. Fred, you should drop me a line at if you're interested in coming out to one of our RTH get-togethers. I think you'd enjoy the spirited conversation.)

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