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By Aaron D (anonymous) | Posted October 12, 2011 at 08:20:37 in reply to Comment 70443

Thank You Ryan. I found time to go through most of them. I am almost ready to jump on the LRT bandwagon but I still have my reservations. Based on the 10 or so links that I did get to read, the only one that specifically addressed my question was the last article that you posted
I'm hoping that you have more examples. I'm not convinced that just because there is loads of new investment along LRT lines that the poor are being helped. Could LRT perhaps drive the poor to live further away because of all of the new investments? Forgive me if I appear ignorant but I wish to know these things and thus far there is only one article that even mentions how the poor are being served.
I want LRT to work but I want it to work for the whole of the city, not just the privileged.

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