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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted August 31, 2011 at 20:18:04 in reply to Comment 68809

I know these are probably questions for Ryan to shoot to Mayor Bratina, but indulge me, because I was there at the GIC meeting Monday.

1) Because Chris Murray replied to a question about WH this way: "The Ticats aren't interested in being there, we need a legacy tenant to fulfill the PanAm requirement..."

2) If you'd seen the implied disarray of Council...bad communication on someone's part re: the velodrome and the 'new' stadium, and I'm being generous here in my description...then you'd understand that there seems to be no oversight happening. I don't know what management style Mayor Bratina exudes (I do, actually, but I'm keeping my lips zipped for propriety's sake), but we do not have a consistent, complementary, fortified stream of energy moving through our elected officials. I think when a Mayor runs away from reporters, and Council hies their way to their own chamber to lick their wounds and recover, you can safely assume that there's no synergy going on...and many may be forced to hope to merely survive the term with some modicum of dignity.

3) Good Lord, you're presuming that this could even be part of the process at this point. When you've got four Councillors that -apparently- don't think to let their colleagues in on a major development re: the velodrome, when 'staff' don't think to let Council in on a pivotal development such as the construction of the stadium being shifted to an entire new build...then I doubt that such considerations are on the radar.

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