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By H+H (registered) - website | Posted August 12, 2011 at 13:53:52

It was all a misunderstanding. Our misunderstanding, of course.

Chris did what any professional senior executive would do - write a game-changing, potentially disruptive and highly uncharacteristic email on the eve of his or her vacation and hit send as you run out the door, not to mention gagging the acting City Manager from commenting on the email.

Leaves me wondering if we don't have a full-time "acting" City Manager. From where I sit, Chris Murray continues to show me that he is in over his head in this job. When you stoop to blaming journalists and citizens for being stupid and misreading a perfectly clear, if unbelievably autocratic, email, it's really difficult to have any respect for the man. It was a bureaucratic disaster of his making. Full stop. He should own up to it and apologize for such confusing and ill-timed communication.

It's almost as if he's attended a workshop run by Bob on how to handle criticism.

Nice work Chris. Just what I expect from the Chief Operating Officer of a billion dollar corporation.

What's that they say about the Peter Principle?

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