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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted August 11, 2011 at 14:51:50

Even though this thread is no longer current, I think I can see what Hamilton is 'shooting' for.
After looking at the Parks dept criteria for Leash Free Areas, aka Dog Parks, I'm reasonably sure that no more will be created, since no existing parks can meet these weird criteria. ("An area of 2 to 5 acres is required...??!!" I thought this was about Dog Parks, not horse or elephant parks.)
The 2 pet limit for citizens of the GTA. (smallest pet limit I've ever heard of for Any City, Anywhere!) Not only does this make a large number of citizens into criminals, it also will put those already reprehensible & very embarrassing GHA euthanasia stats through the roof!
If I'm reading the laws correctly, assisting any animal, pet or wild that become injured or in trouble, without calling Animal Control will also make you a criminal.
So the Future of Hamilton is to phase down to a Zero Pet Zone, & make a big profit by selling expensive real estate to animal haters & militant Vegans.

"If you get rid of them..They will come."?????

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