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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted August 03, 2011 at 15:44:34 in reply to Comment 67309

You know Ryan, at first I thought 'I am going to start a petition and try to keep this from happening.' Whether or not that could happen is another story. I even started typing a couple hundred words to add to that petition.

Then I thought ... what if we just allowed them to walk in seemingly unscathed? Then we proceed to break them down from the day they open their doors. Using facts and figures and stories and selling local shops to no end. Working to create more local manufacturing that produces made in Hamilton for Hamiltonians items, creating jobs both in the production and sale of, these items right here in our city.

There are probably 100's of videos and datasheets and articles in support of this company not being good for the economy or where job creation is concerned.

I would think we would hit them harder by allowing them to set up and fail, then to just painfully try to keep them out only to lose in the end. Not that I am affriad of trying, but it just made me think of an alternative way of going about this because with the resurgence of Ottawa Street, this is bad news. It's even bad news for existing box stores in that plaza.

Target will replace Zellers and already shows as such on the Redcliffe website. I can't even stand Canadian Tire any longer with their cheap movie bins and frozen food freezers creating more obstacles so it's not that I am worried about the other stores, but I would think they would be in support of Walmart not coming to Barton and Ottawa.

We need to support the little guys and we need to sell hard to Hamitonians, why the Walmarts of the world are actually more expensive. How can supporting local mean it still costs consumers less to by the things they need? Obviously that would mean trying to get them to stop buying the dollar store-type crap. Not that I am any better sometimes so I am not judging.

We all need to be better informed, and we need to formulate solutions to help us move away from being dependant on these forms of industry.

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