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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted July 31, 2011 at 13:56:48 in reply to Comment 67110

I am beginning to enjoy the abuse I'm getting from R-users so I'll bite mystoneycreek. Here are some quotes from the article by Mr. Turkstra:

The amazing topsoil and growing conditions that had made the area the finest market garden land in Ontario, if not in Canada, were decisioned out of existence, never to return. That is the kind of decision Hamilton is now looking at making when we decide on our future transportation priority.

I already commented about this earlier in the thread.

Once-in-100-years decisions can have positive impacts. The decision to protect hundreds of acres of development land for the Royal Botanical Gardens created an amazing asset for the region and will probably last more than 100 years.

Other once-in-100-years decisions can have devastating impacts, like the decision to build the Queen Elizabeth Way below the escarpment, where it virtually wiped out the best tender fruit land in Canada, rather than building it on the mostly sterile land lying on the top of the escarpment.

Which further supports what I already said.

Council’s decision in the 1890s to focus on industrial development of the bayshore lands rather than the very strong ecotourism that Hamilton was starting to develop in those years, gave us 100 years of jobs and smoke and dust.

Such a shame really but the truth is our entire modern civilization was built upon the steel industry and look where J.P. Morgan is today!

Before we get to decide on LRT or no-LRT, the first question that should be addressed is how the decision should be made. Is there really some reason that Mayor Bob Bratina or any council member is better equipped to make that decision than my neighbours?

No, absolutely not, BUT, we elected them to make these decisions. Until we citizens begin packing ourselves into council's chambers like 1005 did during the last municipal election, we will not help influence our city's direction.

If this is a once-in-100-years decision, why can’t I participate in the decision, why can’t every reader of this newspaper participate? Is there some reason members of council have a particular qualification to make that kind of decision or should we all share the responsibility and the vote?

I find IT very interesting that the Hamilton Spectator has removed commenting from most local news and op-eds like this.

In many countries and cities, this kind of once-in-100-years decision would clearly be sent to referendum. Why not here?

Good question Mr. T and thanks for sharing mystoneycreek.

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