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By Borrelli (registered) | Posted July 26, 2011 at 14:27:07

"Bratina is dismissive, condescending and frankly he's failing at a significant portion of his job: Communication."

Dead-on, Optics.

Our own Capt. Thin Skin spends a good chunk of time on the radio talking at people, taking pot-shots at citizens and local media for being engaged, interpreting every criticism of his administration as a personal slight, and capitalizing on every opportunity to reinforce the public belief that he is not serious about LRT.

How else should we interpret his naked boosterism of all day choo-choos and VIA (still not a done deal!) while not-so-subtly mocking the "little trains" that can make a huge difference for those impoverished, "marginal" downtowners he cares about?

He had the opportunity to set the record straight and still position himself in a leadership position on LRT but he chose not to. I think that abdication alone speaks much louder than the rest of his blather.

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