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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted July 26, 2011 at 07:10:46 in reply to Comment 66885

First off, I pissed myself at the current 'score' Mahesh's comment had received: two negative votes. I immediately went back to his comment :

I fear the young-boys cartel more than the old-boys cartel. For they choose to do what they do presently in spite of knowing better not to claim total knowledge.

This is a brilliant introduction to the topic. I don't think Mahesh intended it to be 'exhaustive', but for what it addresses, it's salient and powerful. (No matter how 'voters' don't want to face up to its cogency.)

What I would point out (as someone who has spent decades in customer service, mostly retail) is that people abandon shopping/patronage habits according to what is offered. I'm old enough to be able to recall Downtown Hamilton in the '60s. I remember Jackson Square opening. I worked there through two decades. I lived downtown for 15 of these. So I was witness to 'what happened' well as having chronicled what went on retail-wise in the Hamilton-Stoney Creek-Burlington-Oakville environs. I may not be able to comment from authority from vantage points that Mahesh or Ryan or others on this site may easily do so from, but from a commerce point of view, I have definitely observed a few truths fist-hand, and had my life greatly affected by many of these.

Oh, and Mahesh's take on both Stoney Creek and Dundas in relation to Hamilton is dead-on; massive chunks of my past have been in Stoney Creek, and I'm currently absorbing Dundas, so I can confirm what he opines. Sometimes the simple truths are the most potent, and what is provided here as an explanation regarding 'Why?' is one of the most brilliant pieces of observation I've come across on this site.

Some of you may have problems with the way Mahesh relates things, but seriously: listen to this man: he was head and shoulders above all other Mayoral candidates during the last election (he put forth more substantive 'platform planks' than 'The Big Three' combined), and even now, I strongly suggest you visit his still-extant site:

As much as it may gall some, Mahesh is Hamilton's Christopher Hume. A veritable treasure-trove of insight, knowledge, wisdom and innovative approaches to our 'legacy-malaise'. Hamilton-at-large deserves his talents to be better utilized. You know, on a site that's trying to revitalize the city...?

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