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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted July 25, 2011 at 08:37:29 in reply to Comment 66845

Ironically, Torontonians are starting to wake up to the reality that Rob Ford doesn't get to make up his own reality.

Ford said an awful lot of things during his mayoral campaign that were obviously, demonstrably wrong. Ford claimed that 80% of Toronto spending is on staff. It's actually closer to 40%. He also claimed that there is a huge amount of waste that can be cut without cutting service. Actually, according to a KPMG study just released, there are no buckets of gravy and the only way to cut spending significantly is to cut services significantly.

Ford also promised to improve "customer service" for city residents, but apparently his idea of improving customer service is closing libraries, cutting crossing guards, gutting public health programs and scaling back transit.

Here's some reality for you: if the number of people who pass through Union Station every day were to drive instead, Toronto would need another four Gardiner Expressways and another four Don Valley Parkways.

It is physically impossible for more than a small fraction of Toronto commuters to drive - yet we focus on the cost of public transit without considering the benefit, while at the same time focusing on the benefit of road infrastructure without considering the cost.

That is magical thinking, and it is the main reason why Toronto's finances are in such bad shape.

The cars-and-highways land use arrangement you so esteem is precisely what is bankrupting Canadian cities. That realization is why Waterloo Region recently voted to invest in LRT and extract more productivity out of their existing infrastructure - because it was cheaper than continuing to build out their road network.

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