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By Zozo (registered) | Posted July 18, 2011 at 16:13:52

Any discussion at all on bringing students downtown definitely deserves our attention. In fact, I would go so far to say that it should be a #1 priority for the city. We need to do everything we can to not only attract the student population to downtown, but to retain them. We have two major post secondary schools in this city whose combined population is around 40 000. We need to show this body of population, not only why Hamilton is a great city to attend school, but why Hamilton is a great city to live in.

The vision statement of this city is: "To be the best place in Canada to raise a child, promote innovation, engage citizens and provide diverse economic opportunities."

This is a great vision, but it lacks conviction. If it is our goal to "To be the best place in Canada to raise a child" we need to realize that it is not the status quo that will be performing this action, but the youth of this city. This is a great strategy, because if you can make the 1st part true, the rest line up perfectly. We need to show the youth of this city (visiting or otherwise) how we are adapting to meet their needs.

The beautiful thing about getting campus living downtown; is that while the City does it's part to make student living the best possible, the free market will do its share by making sure there are youth oriented businesses downtown to provide.

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