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By misterque (registered) - website | Posted July 13, 2011 at 23:25:44

Hamilton deserves it all. rapid transit, safe efficient roads, GO connections, bike paths, happy sidewalks. There is no reason to sacrifice one for the other. We cannot succumb to the scarcity mentality.

Between all the name calling and FUD (of which I have happily contributed to) we need to find connections that allow the disparate parties to work together.

LRT will be awesome for delivering people to TiCat games. Take the LRT to a Bulldogs game and not have to park in the snow. The LRT will be awesome at delivering people to the GO station. LRT will move students out of the Mac slums. LRT will allow businesses along the B line to market to population densities previously out of reach. Like The Staircase could focus on marketing east of victoria (only 10 minutes away). Keep listening to CHML, they could derail (no pun intended) the whole thing.

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