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By littleLRTmouse (anonymous) | Posted July 13, 2011 at 12:29:20

There is one big problem with the acronym LRT - it has not been defined, it has not been quantified nor qualified. 4example - Prague has about 50% of its routes,which could be qualified like LRT (that is, like St.Clair W. in T.O. or somewhat separate ROWs),but LRTA (from UK) does not qualify its network on these terms only as tramways(streetcars). Same snobbism has been applied towards other European transport enterprises. Jane and John Q.Public may believe, that Hamilton will get following structure;in reality about 7m wide belt in the middle of a street will be ripped-up,filled with gravel,cement,tiles and on top of that mess two sets of rails will be mounted slighly elevated above the surface of the road/street. The rails will be used by street-rolling-monsters about 80m long. - Do not believe Paul B. - intensification along Yonge St. happened only because of SUBWAY.

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