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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted July 11, 2011 at 21:17:49 in reply to Comment 66002

Why would we assume LRT won't generate major increases in property taxes when it has done so in nearly every city that has built a system in the past two decades?

Also, Metrolinx has already said that if Hamilton's bid is approved, they would cover 100% of the basic cost of the system. Hamilton would be responsible for some miscellaneous costs and for anything above and beyond a bare-bones system - like upgraded stations.

As for operating costs, the per-passenger cost on LRT is generally 25-75% lower than the equivalent cost on a bus. This is because:

  • Each vehicle operator can carry three or four times as many people as a bus operator;
  • The energy cost to power LRT is much lower than the fuel cost to power a bus; and
  • The vehicles last four times as long, leading to much lower lifecycle costs.

LRT most certainly won't be free for Hamilton, but it would be utter lunacy not to commit to it, assuming the Province can be persuaded to cover the lion's share of the capital cost.

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