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By ralph m (anonymous) | Posted July 09, 2011 at 13:09:30

Jason, Ryan, I'm new here, just discovered RTH and this looks like a good place to jump in.

I notice that the critical comments are based on the assumption that car culture is going to continue on as it is now indefinitely into the future. If anyone is paying attention to how near we are to Peak Oil, or the increasing costs of building new roads and maintaining existing ones for the privilege of driving a car - I'm thinking that we better start getting ready for the return to the way things were prior to WWII, when most people took public transit to work, and lots of people rode bikes as well. It's not like we have a choice about making the transition to the post-auto era, and we better do it while we still have the resources to do so!

In the U.S., many cities are bankrupt or near bankrupt, and are losing their existing public transit systems. A lot of poorer people are becoming virtually stranded in cities, and even suburbs that have no transit or roads that are safe for cycling - why copy their mistakes?

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