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By Tnt (registered) | Posted July 07, 2011 at 00:35:19

I've been following this issue for several articles on RTH. I would like to add my own confesion: I hadn't rode a bike in 20 years. Bike culture was foreign to me and maybe even a bit of a nusance to my driving. After reading many articles on this site and others and witnessing the fantastic culture created by DownTownBikeHounds, I have a whole new outlook. I was given and old beaten up bike from my brother and as an expirament rode it. I have seen first hand the struggles and advantages to bikes. I have a bell on it and I wear a helmet. I assumed it was the law. The helmet, bell and lock came with the bike. I can't say I feel overly safe wearing the thing, but now as my confidence grows I probably won't.

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