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By Brandon (registered) | Posted July 06, 2011 at 10:00:23 in reply to Comment 65609

Why the great opposition to wearing a helmet. Cycling helmets are very much like seatbelts. They both came to us from the racing world. Ask a competitive bicycle racer to ride with out a helmet and he would laugh at you, just like an automobile racer would. I remember all the whining and complaining about seatbelts when they were mandated so many years ago. It sounded then just like your article sounds now with statements like "Beyond the chance of a helmet actually causing physical injury (and I freely admit that it is just a chance)...."

So, since racing safety is directly relevant to non-racing, you naturally use a HANS device, helmet and six point harness when you drive to the grocery store, right?

It turns out that the best way to make cycling safer is to get more cyclists. If mandating helmets depresses the number of cyclists, then it's actually making cycling as a whole more dangerous.

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