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By jason (registered) | Posted June 30, 2011 at 20:37:20 in reply to Comment 65443

If this is true that the new condo projects being announced are selling at $350-$400/sq.ft, and are selling units quickly, watch out. Those are the types of prices that will gain a lot of attention, and quickly, from the big TO condo builders. They've never looked here because the cost/sq.ft was too low and not worth their while. Once you start knocking on the $400/sq.ft range there will be considerable interest. Expect our small-town height restrictions to become a vocal issue in the next couple of years. I've had some TO-based highrise architects tell me that Hamilton's arbitrary height restrictions will kill any hopes of landing quality condo towers downtown in the near future. Arbitrary is right - a developer can only build a 20-25 storey building next to the 43 storey Landmark Place. And we're planning on widening Main Street apparently..... sometimes this great city of ours is baffling. Meanwhile, Mississuaga is going 40-50 stories on farmland surrounded by sprawl mansions.

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