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By Anonymous Anonymous (anonymous) | Posted June 23, 2011 at 16:48:20 in reply to Comment 65095

You've attacked a group of people you yourself debase to a group of nothings, not by compelling argument or by effectively debating the issues, but rather through a series of unprovoked character assassinations, jokes about disabled children, and insulting the nature of people's personal employment. You've spent two days trying your best to insult and mischaracterize a number of volunteer contributors to a small civic affairs website.

What's next, you're going to take on the corrupt leaders of your local neighbourhood association or PTA? Going to bust up a knitting circle at your community centre because you hear they have discussions about politics that tend towards a shared worldview?

Bravo, courageous young anonymous freedom fighter! Give those hipsters shit! Who gives them the right to stand around in comfortable clothing drinking fancy coffees and get involved in things? WHO, I ASK YOU? Those young jerks and their little bikes! GAHHHH I HATE THEM!!!! IHATETHEMIHATETHEMIHATETHEM!!!!!!!111

Teach them to break through their silly progressive urbanist misconceptions and re-make themselves in your image. You've so bravely thrust "the mirror" in their stupid hipster faces, and they hate what they see. Clearly, you win, "Blenda", oh wise commenter.

So perfect. So righteous. So PURE. Lead the way. Show us the light.

Whoever you are, you should go see a doctor to work out some of your issues.

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