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By Nord Blanc (anonymous) | Posted June 06, 2011 at 18:37:05

Not noted, AFAIK, but noteworthy:

"It’s encouraging to hear that the 2015 Pan Am Games velodrome is back in the spotlight, and that Mohawk College is one of the partners that could join with the city to make the cycling facility a reality.

Mind you, that particular partnership would put to rest any possibility of the velodrome being located on the west harbour, which is in many ways unfortunate. But the truth is the west harbour wasn’t a favoured location at any rate among some key cycling stakeholders, making that site a long shot at best. Regardless, the situation raises again the question of what should happen on the former Rheem property and adjacent land, much of which was acquired by the city when it was still a potential location for a new stadium. The future of that area is key to Hamilton’s ongoing waterfront development vision, and it must not be allowed to languish indefinitely. But that’s commentary for another day....

If Mohawk is the partner and does become the site for the velodrome, it would be an interesting twist in that a legacy cornerstone from the games would be located on the Mountain rather than the lower city, which is more typically envisioned as the beneficiary for community development priorities. Yet the mountain is the fastest growing part of the city and home to as much or more commerce and community activity as the lower city, so locating the velodrome there would, in many ways, be a positive step."

"Mohawk and the City of Hamilton are in discussions about the possibility of locating the 2015 Pan Am Games velodrome at the Fennell Campus. A permanent, multi-use and sustainable velodrome would include a new fitness, sports and recreation centre to support Mohawk's academic programs, varsity athletics and recreational sports."

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