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By jason (registered) | Posted April 18, 2007 at 16:34:03

Rusty - are you trying to tell me that city-builders of yesteryear built better neighbourhoods than today's group???
Heck, you should be a developer - you've pretty much nailed the main components to a great neighbourhood. It's why we love Strathcona so much. And also why Strathcona frustrates us at the same time - King, Main and York suffocate the area and kill most viable business opportunities. All so folks from outside the area can speed to work 3 minutes faster than if these streets were normal. The word 'potential' might always describe Hamilton if we don't ever get a council with the ability to make these basic, obvious changes to improve our city. I wish we could just deamalgamate so they wouldn't all be so worried about the suburban vote. Put York back to one lane each way and if people from Waterdown don't like it, tough! Sadly with amalgamation that'll never happen. The suburban vote runs the show and the suburban car is holding back our urban neighbourhoods.

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