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By just me (anonymous) | Posted May 24, 2011 at 17:12:57

I have to say it--I can't help myself. The flavour of Say Nothing's posts--usually negatived and with good reason by the "logged in" community--remind of the fortunately not-widely-read posts over a number of years by a former, multi-defeated ex-mayor of Hamilton, web space that was donated to "I Am The Greatest" by philanthropist Chris Ecklund. Those posts were pulled by Ecklund at mayor-candidate-announcement time in 2010, out of 'fairness' to other candidates, he said--see, L D would otherwise have an advantage platform, see, not because the posts would embarrass him--which they did because Google still had them cached. Those rambling rants of our own new local cable TV star had a bad-stomach flavour similar to that in the various "troll" incarnations and names used in RTH--and surely there've been more than one person. Surely she's not alone. The difference is that anyone wishing to reply to Di I Am Inflated One had no forum such as this--there was eventually a Comment box, but it was one way, if that. Matt Jelly and many other articles and 'blogs' are worth reading. I've yet to read any one of the crackpot responses that actually made sense--even if I disagreed with it. It sounds to me like BLAHHH--I can fart louder than you. As I wrote earlier, there is help available.

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